11.12.2010 @ Liebfrauenkirche, Leipzig


Solo + Quartet 

11.12.10, 20:00 (begin: 20:30) @ Liebfrauenkirche
Karl-Heine-Str. 112, Leipzig-Lindenau 

Candelaria Saenz Valiente: Vocals, Synthesizer
Raphael Rogiński: Guitar. Effects
Marcin Masecki: Wurlitzer E-Piano, Synthesizer, Organ
Macio Moretti: Percussion, Stuff

From BACH to BECK and back to CAN BANANAs MELT? 

In the heat of Warsaw's buzzing alternative culture kitchen a whole bunch of young musicians is currently stirring excitingly from scratch between Impro, Punk, Free Jazz, Experimental Music, Psychedelic-, Kraut- or Postrock and even Musical... 
We are very happy that four of the most profilic musicians from this circle accepted our invitation for a very special concert in the unpretentious modernistic interior of the Liebfrauen church in Leipzig Lindenau. 

Each of the four musicians has its own record with uncountable solo and band projects and all of them are driving forces of the Warsaw Alternative and Impro scene.

RAPHAEL ROGIŃSKI has been acknowledged internationally with his contemporary and living versions of Jewish musical traditions (e.g. with his Free Jazz trio Shofar with Mikolaj Trzaska and Macio Moretti or his band Cukunft). As a solo musician he was recognized for his experimental guitar interpretation of Johann Sebastian Bach's work or as a musician playing at readings (with Polish writer Andrzej Stasiuk) or making film music.

At the age of 12 MARCIN MASECKI began to improvise with his own trio jamming at the famous "Akwarium" Jazz Club in Warsaw, with 16 he won the the Jazz Hoeilaart Competition with the group Alchemik. With 18 he recieved a grant to study piano at the Boston Berklee College of Music where he met his wife, the singer and filmmaker Candelaria Saenz Valiente. He has several solo and group projects and played with musicians like Tomasz Stańko, Pink Freud, Macio Moretti, Raphael Roginski and Ziv Ravitz. He plays Wurlitzer E-Piano, piano and Sythesizers and lives partly in Buenos Aires and in Warsaw. 

CANDELARIA SAENZ VALIENTE is the voice of the band Paristetris, originally a trio with Masecki and Moretti but meanwhile a fully fledged band with a guitarist (Pawel "Magneto" Tycinski) and a Laptopist (DJ Lenar). Her performances and stage presence cover a whole range of styles and forms between Wave, Noise, Punk, Opera, Musical or Chanson. Beside her singing she has a reputation as a filmmaker.

MACIO MORETTI is perhaps the most known of the four artists. Playing in uncountable bands and projects like Mitch & Mitch, Starzy Singers or Baaba, he is also one of the founding fathers of the Warsaw Impro- and Alternative scene. As one of the best and innovative drummers in Poland he also plays Bass as well as uncountable other toys and instruments. But probably it is his entertainment and performing skills which made him known to a wider audience way beyond the edge of alternative culture circles

Rapahel Roginski plays "Bach Bleach" Solo (Guitar)
Marcin Masecki plays Bach Solo (Piano, Organ)
Macio Moretti plays Drums in the Quartet
Candelaria Saenz Valiente is the singer in the Quartet


THANKS the Polish Institute Leipzig and the Liebfrauen church Leipzig Lindenau for the generous support

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