7.12.2008, 15:00 @ PANIPANAMA


Jakub Adamec main art fields are: new media, music, installation, graphic design and performance. 

In PANIPANAMA gallery-club Jakub exhibits his drawings, graphics and videos: "Love U Dead. O'er Language of Death". 

Jakub Adamec (*1981) was born in Valasskim Mezirici in Czech Republic. He studied on the Intermedia faculty at the Ostravian University in Ostrava. He is a member of I LOVE 69 POPGEJU audio-visual group. In 2005-2007 he was an organizer and curator of the Galerii Strazna Vez in Ostrava. He lives and works in Cieszyn, Poland

Artist's statement:
"My work addresses the phenomenon of play, which represents an open model of socio-political, psychological and intimate life situation. They are presented in the ironic, dark-humored, concise metaphorical stories - disencumbered allegories using accessible, more or less contemporary symbols which I balance with insouciance and banality. Plot discontinuities and a consistent mixing of art and real life create a sense of disorientation and uncertainty and give the works their ambiguous quality. At this moment I mainly work with video film, digital manipulated photography and music performance".

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