2.11.2006 @ Kunstraum parismoskau

Leafcutter John, Simon Bookish, Malgorzata Jablonska


Malgorzata Jablonskas comicartige Figurenwelten, mehrfach in Polen und der Welt ausgestellt und nun erstmalig als Einzelausstellung in Deutschland zu sehen, sind laengst nicht das was sie vordergruendig zu sein scheinen: suess. cute. warm. nice. Die spezifischen Welten der Intermedia-Kuenstlerin bilden einen eigenen und eigenartigen Kosmos zwischen melancholisch-tristrealer Alltagswelt und irrwitzig-surrealer American-Polish Dreamcityscape auf dem Grenzland zwischen Comic Strips, Malerei, Fotografie und Installation. Die Figuren schweben mit ihren raumanzugklobigen Koerpern scheinbar schwerelos durch die drueckende Enge von Grosswohnsiedlungsbloecken, zwischen haushaltlicher Alltagseinsamkeit und TV-Werbespots, Hochglanzlifestylemagazintraeumen, Geborgenheit und intimer Zweisamkeit. Die japancartoonartigen und sofort als Jablonska Schoepfung wiedererkennbaren klobig-kubisch-putzigen Wesen koennten direkt einem seiner Zeit weit vorausgeeilten Computerspiel der Pacman Generation entsprungen sein. Die Landschaften in denen sie leben und arbeiten, krabbeln und fahren, putzen, waschen, essen, oder sich lieben bezirzen mit betoerend koestlich-eindringlicher Farbigkeit, wollen sogleich betreten, bewohnt werden. In Leipzig zeigt Malgorzata Jablonska eine mit ihrem Partner Piotr Szewczyk entwickelte beghebare Panoramainstallation und unterschiedliche Prints.

"One of the bourgeoning stars of post-electronica." Tony Herrington, The Wire 

"Increasingly confronting electro-acoustic with his folk roots, leaving behind all conventional forms of electronica." -

Live: Leafcutter John (vocals, electronics, guitar, toys), Simon Bookish (vocals), Alice Grant (vocals) 

Leafcutter John is London-based John Burton, and "The Forest and the Sea" (2006) is his first release on the Staubgold label. Since his debut on Planet Mu records in 2000, Burton has developed a strong musical identity using processed instrumental and environmental recordings. The Forest and The Sea features a dynamic hybrid of electronic and acoustic songs. Telling a true story, the compositions are bound together by a meticulous narrative enriched by haunting vocals and traditional instrumentation. Both story and field recordings were constructed and gathered in various locations including Greece, Sweden and the United Kingdom. This journey reveals John's musical kaleidoscope and his consolidated approach to songwriting, field recordings and electronics. A significant development from John's earlier works, he manages to produce seamless transitions between electronics and songwriting. The end result is the creation of a new, all-encompassing genre. The list of guests includes drummer Seb Rochford and bassist Tom Herbert from Mercury Music Prize nominees Polar Bear €” of which John is a fulltime member. Additional vocals are provided by Leo Chadburn aka Simon Bookish, and Alice Grant. Burton is an accomplished remixer, having worked on projects for Nettle (DJ Rupture), n-ZIQ/Speedy J, Electric Company, Badly Drawn Boy and Capitol K, amongst others. The Housebound Spirit (Planet Mu, 2003) won an Honorary Mention at the 2004 Ars Electronica prestigious awards and was featured on The Wire's top 50 records of 2003 (Label Info) 

PRESS Plan B: "One rarely finds a record with so much brave beauty as Leafcutter John's [..] album, the forest and the sea. Brave for its transgression, both musically and historically ...This record is all the best cadences of folk combined with all the best parts of sampling and processing - togther they render a whole new form." Ralph Cowling TimeOut London: "Alongside Aphex Twin and Bogdan Raczynski - he's one of the UK's most fearlessly inventive electronicists and a member of feted avant jazzers Polar Bear. His fourth solo LP is a striking hybrid of pastoral songcraft, glitch, field recordings and traditional Greek instrumentation that goes far beyond 'folktronica', running the gamut of moods from sweetly mournful to darkly malevolent." Sharon O'Connell Play Louder: "For while his name might conjure up the pastoral in a distinctly old-fashioned sense, Leafcutter John's great success on 'The Forest And The Sea' is to blend traditional sounds and vocals that cry forth from the ordinary folk long past, with mastery of technology and laptop proficiency. And it's a journey, too, not just an escape from the urban jungle, but a progress of learning, adventure, and discovery." Luke Turner Urban Pollution:"By the sounds of The Forest and the Sea, Leafcutter John has just begun to create his best work yet. It is an unexpected, but pleasantly delightful curve ball and proves Burton is more than a trendy scenester, if there was ever any doubt to begin with. This record will likely appeal to a wide variety of listeners, with only the most purist of Burton's experimental electronic fans turning up their nose to this accomplished work from a talented and capable artist."Jerry Lon BBC Collective: "Whereas other artists operating under the folktronica guise often tip too far towards acoustic traditionalism, the Leafcutter matches his bard-like couplets with perfectly married sample matter, stretching his captured sounds into gently distorted shapes." Martin Longle Organ Magazine (Album of the week: "Another must check album then (sorry), beautifully refined warm treats to get lost in for hours and hours and hours (fine album artwork as well)." The Wire: "If there is such a genre [folktronica], he is the best possible exponent" David Stubbs


"Simon Bookish: "Literate, bizarre and full of black humour. Bookish presents his unique world-view, fuelled by art and anger. This intensely strange series of sketches ranges from the surreal historical-recreation of Richard of York to the dystopian musique concrete of London Bunker, the eerie calm of Topography and the hysterical disco of Handsome Girls" 

Leo Chadburn (also known by the nomme de guerre "Simon Bookish") is a classically-trained composer (Guildhall School of Music and Drama, 1997-2001), who has become one of the most versatile and unpredictable musicians currently working in London. He is both a pop vocalist and experimental improviser, besides working as a remixer, and solo performance/live artist. As Simon Bookish, he has made two albums for the London-based label Use Your Teeth; UNFAIR FUNFAIR (2006) - an abrasive and energetic sequence of songs whose subjects range from Euripides and Richard the Third to the invention of the Guillotine - and TRAINWRECK/RAINCHECK ( due Autumn 2006) - a 'surreal electronic radio play' combining sound design and spoken word, concerning vibrant images of transportation.He has released singles on the German label Tomlab and through Playlouder recordings and has been asked to provide remixes for Franz Ferdinand, The Organ and Grizzly Bear. Leo is also credited with guest appearances on albums by Max de Wardener, Leafcutter John, Patrick Wolf and Saint Etienne.

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