8.11.2008, 22:00 @ ORTLOFF


A night full of madness and energy. The duo COBULA (MC BULA and DJ CO) is fearlessly and souvereignly juggling with well-known HipHop-cliches to dismantle them in a stunning show full of pomp and sweat from HipHop, Electro, Performance and catchy beats. COBULA puts it all together again and sprays it back on us, dancebly, around our ears. Here whistles a pastoral flute and teases us away from carpathianrap, there guckles a rhyme and pulls the breaks, safely jerking on the cobblestone, here goes the rocket Theo-lets-go-to-lodz. When Cobula howls their engines not only the Polish Hiphopelectrobreakspolice does no more bomb the mitte. As a support we host the probably hottest matrimonial couple form Lodz, NEOGOTIK (Piotr and Paulina Poloz). With pure Punkrock-Rocknroll, Bassguitar/drums and voice extrem rawness and although hardcore noise you will feel the music’s overwhelming sensibility. Love!

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