16.10.2008, 20:00 @ POLISH INSTITUTE


The renown performer presented his piano works which are firmly connected and integrated within his other works as performer or visual artist. He plays electronics as well as Sitar, but that evening he fascinated with his beautiful piano compisitons. He published numerous CDs with his  special minimalistic, warm ambient like music and is known as a musician form the end of the 1980s on - first within the avantgarde underground experimental and Jazz scenes, later beyond these scenes aswell.


1978/0069 – Jazz From Underground, Wroclaw, Poland; M.T.A. Records

1984/0111 – Metaphysical Island ... with Rod Summers – sitar & sound of see; recorded at Studio V.E.C. Maastricht; recorded at studio All Plastic and Music Hoch Art L.T.D., Holland; V. E.C. & M.T.A Wroclaw, Poland

1984/0101 – Protect Your Psych – synthesizer; recorded at Studio Stockhausen-Rosrath-Forsbach, Germany; M.T.A. Records

1986/0102 – ...Drop Outs – synthesizer; recorded at Club Moral, Antwerpen, Belgium; M.T.A. Records

1986/0005 – ...To Return – synthesizer; recorded at Studio Laurent-Blois, France; M.T.A. Records

1986/0103 – Köln Concert – piano; recorded during live performance, Köln, Germany; M.T.A. Records

1989/0006 – Fun... Run... – synthesizer; recorded during live performance at Main Common Rooms, Otago University, Dunedin, New Zealand; M.T.A. Records

1990/0008 – Your Destiny S.F. – syntheseizer; recorded at Studio Hommel, San Francisco, C.A., USA; M.T.A. Records

1990/0009 – More... More... – synthesizer; recorded at Studio Hommel, San Francisco, C.A. USA; M.T.A. Records

1990/0007 – Except To... – piano, sitar, tambura, vocal with Bonnie Barnett; recorded at Studio Barnett, Los Angeles, C.A., USA; M.T.A. Records

1991/0010 – Meta Concert – piano; recorded at Stafforshire Polytechnic in Stoke-On- Trent, England; M.T.A. Records

1992/003 – It Is Another – piano; recorded at Studio Sonus, Lomianki, Poland; NADA Records, Warszawa, Poland

1992/004 – Your Destiny – synthesizer; recorded at Studio Zic Zac, Warszawa; NADA Records, Warszawa, Poland

1992/005 – Somewhere Else – piano; recorded at Studio Sonus, Lomianki, Poland; NADA Records, Warszawa, Poland

1992/006 – ... Off Breath – sitar & synthesizer; recorded at Studio Suski, Lomianki, Poland; recorded at Studio Morandi, Ponte Noss, Italy; NADA Records, Warszawa; Poland

1996/001 – Equivalent – synthesizer; recorded at Studio Morandi,1992, Ponte Nossa, Italy, RAVI Records, Lódz, Poland

1999/001 – Transmutation – synthesizer; recorded at Studio Morandi, 1997, Ponte Nossa, Italy; M.T.A. Records & Gallery JaPtak, Wroclaw, Poland

2000/0201 – Infiltration of the Timespaces – synthesizer; recorded at studio M.T.A. somewhere on The Planet Earth, 1999; M.T.A. Records & BWA Wroclaw, Poland

2001/0011 – Trans Trip – synthesizer; recorded at studio M.T.A. somewhere on The Planet Earth; Falcata Galia Records, Los Angeles, USA

2001/0011 – Wybrane utwory / Selected compositions,

1992-2001; M.T.A. Records

2001/0012 – Wybrane utwory filmowe / Selected soundtrack compositions, muzyka do seriali TV / music for TV serials; M.T.A. Records

2002/0010 – Instrumenta... object, sound, image...; M.T.A. Records & BWA Design Wroclaw, Poland

2002/0011 – Koncert dla Henryka / Concert for Henryk – piano; recorded during live performance at Klub Muzyki i Literatury, Wroclaw, Poland, May 20-21, 2002; M.T.A. Records

2003/0111-0112 – Transmutation II, double CD – synthesizer; recorded at Studio Morandi, Ponte Nossa 1997, Italy; M.T.A. Records & Entropia Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland

2004/0111 – Wybrane Utwory II / Selected Compositions II, 1992-2003; M.T.A. Records

2006/0114 – Rekonstrukcja To¿samoci / Reconstruction of Identity; M.T.A. Records

Photo from the concert by Kata Adamek

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