17.04.2009, 15:00 @ Kunstraum PANIPANAMA


KATA ADAMEK (Leipzig/Haczów)

Exhibition from 15:00
Title: 'Open Studio'


Performance (Start: 21:00)Title: 40 Anniversary of  The Art of Shoes, Andrzej DUDEK- DÜRER AS A LIVING SCULPTURE Performance 

40 Anniversary The Art of Shoes… begins of series of presentation / exhibition, performance, installation, video show…/ during 40 Years The Art of Shoes/ 16 April 2009 – 16 April 2010/ in Poland and around The world.Since 1969 he has practiced the life performance The Art of Shoes, The Art of Trousers, The Art of Life of Andrzej DUDEK-DÜRER  (living sculpture) non-stop activity in the places where the author appears. The shoes and trousers have been worn daily, and have been 40 year period meticulously mended and repaired, layer upon layer. 

On 17 April in former PANIPANAMA (Leipzig) Andrzej DUDEK-DÜRER will show a multimedia performance with music (composed by author for sitar and synthesizers) and video projection. From 1969 to the present Andrzej Dudek -Durer has examined the issues of Life/Death and Reincarnation. As the artist states, the focus of these themes is expressed through "Metaphysical-Telepathic" activities, involving the use of video, music, art installations, and meditations. During this performance, "the Art of Shoes" plays a very important role. The shoes link the future, the past, and they are a kind of confrontation with reality; the past and the future.Performance is a form of infiltration on many levels and in many aspects of human life, consciousness, activity, creativity, it reflects on the confrontation between human activity, human CONSCIOUSNESS  and CIVILIZATION.  

LONG LONG WALK HOME  (Edinburgh/Wroclaw)Music/Videos from 15:00

1 person homemade project. Inspired by walks around green hills in Edinburgh's Hollyrood Park, thinking about small and big things, longing for a place to settle down, missing friends and family, feeling sun on my face, seasonal sadness warming up to the bowl of soup. Wind and rain lock you in the house and this is where all these feelings get transposed to songs and images.

Long long walk home musically is layers of sound produced by simple instruments – mainly melodica, glockenspiel, ukulele and voice, and all the nicely – sounding household equipment always willing to cooperate. My idea is to write songs the same way you would draw or paint, sometimes the line is thin, sometimes thickens, brush strokes overlap, building up a texture, sometimes you need to hide the line gone bad, rarely using a rubber.The songs like to be represented through delicious videos.

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