7.-23.10.2009 @ Kunstraum PANIPANAMA

KATA ADAMEK (Sculpture) + MASAKUNI MURAKAMI (Photography)

KATA ADAMEK: "and we all will die" (sculpture: wood, beewax, ca. 140cm)

My new sculpture „and we all will die“ emphasizes a balance between emptyness-fullness, border and infinity of the materiality and symbols. Biographically and emotionally I am close to asian and japanese culture. Not only through travels to China, an artist-in-residency stay in South Korea and a diploma work on japanese gardens of meditations but also through an interest for a specific „asian“ aesthetics. Inspired by this I develop my wood scultpture „and we all will die“. It explores universal symbols where all things are dual: they have an opposition in themselves. „Beauty should be modestly hidden under the surface of the thing, so the viewer can discover it during the watching process“ - this impression about japanese housing reflects in the minimalistic form of  the sculpture. The relations between viewer and object where not only watching is important but physical conections between both.

MASAKUNI MURAKAMI (Leipzig/Gifu)   photography   

"In Japan streets do not have own names, except in Ky˘to. Also in my hometown Gifu they do not have. The address in Japan is written only with the name of the town and house / street number. That is the reason, why the fact, that every street in Europe, not only in Germany, has its own name, is really interesting for me. 
Bitterfeld was once developed as one of the biggest industrial city. But at the same time, it caused pollution and it was known as one of the most polluted cities in Germany. 
Most of the factories are closed today. But the streets are still existing which remind of those days. Their names are not only connected with industry, but are also interesting and strange from my (Japanese) point of view. 
A street stands at the corner of an industrial area, and sometimes the other stands away from the city. 
I take a picture of „scene from the street, scene of the street” to look at these streets and it gives more than a passing thought to „what these street have seen during the passage of time”? 
The streets will keep on seeing the changes of the city from now on." (text from

MURAKAMI Masakuni was born in Gifu, Japan, in 1978 and studied art in Nagoya. Since 2008 he lives in Leipzig and studies at HGB, his works could be seen there at the Rundgang, the yearly exhibition of HGB students. 

exhibition presented during the Ohayo, Japan! 2009 Festivals

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