15.11.2006 @ Kunstraum parismoskau

Hassle Hound, Markus Detmer

"Ramshackle Glaswegian [Glasgow based] sound collectors Hassle Hound finally bring the post-folktronic, cut'n'paste, strummy-hummy jams on this impossibly blessed full-length. With neighing horses, boinnnng-ing springs, and flamenco and psychedelic guitars, Hassle Hound is the musical equivalent of a Valhalla-esque flea market crossed with a super-group of every charismatic, story-hoarding uncle the world has known." (Brion Paul," 

The mighty and mysterious Hassle Hound conjure up a sophisticated mess of complimentary contradictions, voraciously sampling everything in their paths. The band was formed around four years ago with core members: Tony Swain (guitar, loops, samples) Mark Vernon (loops, samples, electronics and balloons) and Lizzy Swimmers (Violin & Vocals) occasionally aided and abetted by David Fulford (keyboards & electronics). Over their short but prolific career they have built an impressive and eclectic body of material inviting comparisons to artists as diverse as The Books, The Durutti Column, This Heat and soundtracks to films such as the Wickerman, Midnight Cowboy and the work of Ennio Morricone. 

They create a music of accomplished innocence, lush and melodic but with a haunting undercurrent of melancholy and menace. Samples and loops from a range of unlikely sources are merged with live instrumentation to create wonky off-kilter avant-pop with bite. The group have played extensively in the U.K. and France, alongside the likes of Melt Banana, Vibracathedral Orchestra, Knifehandchop, Scatter & Volcano the Bear. With a clutch of tracks included on compilations, a split 7" on Twisted Nerveā€™s singles club and a split 12" on French label Textile, with Oren Ambarchi's Sun, their music is gradually reaching appreciative new ears. Their debut mini album, 'Scaring the Grass in the Garden' (released on 'Pickled Egg') is described as being like Brian Wilson and Brian Eno joining forces for a cover version of the Camberwick Green theme tune. 

They are not afraid to be beautiful. Machines and beats are caressed into soft humanity by delicate vocals, the boisterous cuddle of eccentrically played instruments and ingenious guitar patterns. Here are wistful love songs which also sound like the greatest James Bond theme ever (if those films had ever been made by a 60's new wave Czech director). Cartoon oneirics slapstick their way across lush countryside and toddle through town, favourite-uncle drunk and beaming expansively. 

Trying to pin them down is like drinking beer with a fork. They coin new genres like other bands do sound checks - too much funky not enough, crofter dub, genial noise, surf and turf guitar, carousel gothic, collagetronica. If Harry Partch had made music for ice-cream vans it might have been like some of these affable inventions.

DJ Markus Detmer:

"Dank seines Gespuers fuer eine gewisse Form von Extravaganz im kaum mehr ueberschaubaren Feld elektronischer und analoger Klangexperimente avancierte sein Label [staubgold] seit der ersten Veroeffentlichung 1998 vom Koelner Geheimtipp zum Aufsteiger der vergangenen Jahre... ein Sound, der sowohl die Synapsen im Kopf, wie auch das wohlige Gefuehl aus dem Bauch heraus anspricht" (Matthias Puppe, Leipziger Volkszeitung)

Markus Detmer presents an eclectic collage of state-of-the-art sounds, mixed with open ears and sensitive hands, ranging from the 20th century's New Music and Avantgarde to the latest post-techno experiments in today's underground with deep interest in unusual music of all kinds. Markus Detmer has already played at: Sonar festival (Barcelona), What Is Music? festival (Sydney), F.I.B. festival (Benecassim), Fusion festival (Berlin), Golden Pudel club (Hamburg) ... 

Founded in 1998 by Markus Detmer in Cologne, and now located in Berlin, the Staubgold label presents an eclectic range of unusual and free-form music of all kinds, from FAUST's timeless Krautrock excursions via TO ROCOCO ROT's post-techno electronica to the broken avantgarde of EKKEHARD EHLERS and the clicks and cuts of VLADISLAV DELAY DELAY to the rich extensions of minimalism by PAUL WIRKUS. 

The back catalogue of Staubgold contains more than 70 releases, most of them full-length and available both on cd and vinyl, including legendary avantgarde musicians Keith Rowe, Oren Ambarchi, Rafael Toral, and Joseph Suchy as well as three stunning collaborations with the Austrian ARS ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL feat. contributions by Alexander Balanescu, To Rococo Rot, Vladislav Delay, Rupert Huber and many more. In recent years the label has put a very interesting emphasis on bands and artists working on Post-Electronica und Songwriting, Folk, Psychedelia, Popsong-Storytelling and impressiv stage performances which is represented in the roaster by bands and artists like the No-Neck Blues-Band, Leafcutter John, Hassle Hound or the recent Blues twists of Ekkehard Ehlers.

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