14.12.2008, 15:00 @ PANIPANAMA


::::A few words about Wojtek: Wojciech Kucharczyk. Born in 1969 in Katowice/Silesia/Poland.(sometimes known as Wojt3k)For two decades lived in Katowice, then moved to tiny town of Skoczów, sonn will go somewhere else.
Deals with almost every branch of art, because sees all of that as one. Graduation and Master Diploma in 1994 at Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow - Filial in Katowice. Mostly known as musician and (complete freelance) thesigner (not designer).Since 1995 runs mik.musik.!. record label (worldwide known already, we must say). Realised a lot of solo-shows-exhibitions, took part in the group/subject-shows, released many cd-rs, cds, vinyls, tapes. Dooozens of concerts, label presentations etc, internationalwise.

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