Artist in residence (performer, musician)


14.10.2008, 20:00 @ PANIPANAMA (Filmshow)

16.10.2008, 20:00 @ POLISH INSTITUTE ("Metaphysical-Telepathic Pianoconcert")

18.10.2008, 23:00 @ PANIPANAMA (Performance "Between Changing...")

Andrzej Dudek-Dürer is performance artist. He also works in the field of photography, music or video. Against the background of his reconstructions of identity since the 1960s he has been practicing his entire life as art, considering himself as a living sulpture or a reincarnation of Albrecht Dürer. In PANIPANAMA art space ADD was LIVING for a week, cooking, meeting people, taking photos, collecting materials for his ART but above all he was preparing himself to the performance "Between Changing...". ADD was present all around and all above Leipzig. 

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