DEUCE is a nickname of Piotr Połoz, born in 1981. His debut album "Not in the kitchen" was released in the legendary polish mikmusik label when he was 20. The album got tones of good opinions of polish and foreign critics and was said to be a new  voice at the IDM stage. Others said it was breakbeat, drum and bass or triphop. All of them were right, because the most recognizable feature of his music is eclecticism. In 2004 the second album was published under the title "We can make it faster and better than DEUCE". The CD was a real shock, specially for polish critics. It was the album of the year 2004 by the polish Fluid magazine. Beautiful melodies were crashed together with a great and massive noise. CYBER-TRASH DISCO! Minimalism of Philip Glass was also easy to find there. The next two years were spent playing gigs with mikmusik crew in the whole Europe. There were no official releases since then except for many different compilations. In 2007 DEUCE and CO made an electroparty duo called COBULA. The same year the debut album of guitar band called Psychocukier, where DEUCE plays bass guitar, was published. 



"DEUCE is a nickname of PIONTEK POGUOS or if you wish PIOTREK POLOZ, famous for his moustache. What is important? He has many followers! There is no need to mention any of them, to mention anyone. 

DEUCE: HELLO MY DEAR CHILDREN LIVING SOMEWHERE AROUND ME! Please be my guest, enjoy the music, enjoy my personality. Check PSYCHOCUKIER, the guitarband where I play bass, a special old polish one. Check COBULA my groovy duo with the mighty CO. Check BAUTATAFESTIWAL, the freaky and wild project with my friend since always, with LUKASZ aka DJ MORS aka DJ SROM. CIAO!

Deuce is Piotrek Poloz. Born in 1981 he lives in Lodz, in the heart of Poland. His music is a mixture of sentimental, cute melodies with cybernoise, punk energy with hip-hoplike rhythms, lo-fi and hi-fi, distorted quasi-rapped songs with white-noise and the cavalcades of crazy breakbeats.

In many compositions you will find original lyrics that are funny, satirical, always with clear, surprising ideas, suspenseful. Although usually in English they are not devoid of Slavonic nostalgia and bravure fancy. They also contain sociological, and critical observations of living "here and now".

Apart from his electronic project he also plays bassguitar as a member of an indie-noise rock band called Psychocukier playing wildwild-western-style melodies, guitar noise and powerful rhythms or the crazy Electro duo COBULA, far off the stream of good taste but always perfect on the beat. When it's dirty it is really dirty, as distorted as possible, when it's melancholic you can hardly avoid tears."


PSYCHOCUKIER - MALPY MORSKIE (LOVE INDUSTRY 2007) ASI MINA & DEUCE - Special holiday's project! JOANNA & PIOTR superfreeSP (2005)

DEUCE - we can make it faster and better than DEUCE! (mik.musik.!. 2004)

DEUCE - Not in The Kitchen (mik.musik.!. 2001)



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