COBULA is the electronic, punk style, electro duo DJ CO aka CO, and MC BULA aka DEUCE. 

They serve a special audiovisual show full of madness! Cobula are absurd, demanding, energetic, louche, producing... according to their own description... high fidelity cyber breakbeats to African balafon-like-rhythms. A Hawaiian guitar playing to dolphin scratches, from Chris Isaac to ultranoisy punk- rock... 

Well...The impossible is possible here. They should have never played together, but they do. How did they meet? In 2004 CO met some nice person. Unfortunately she turned out to be a younger sister of BULA. Before CO realized what was going on he had no mercy for that crazy girl. When BULA heard what happend he got mad! He found CO and ... BUTT... no, no, no, no, no. Not BUTT. BUT... BULA realized CO is a cool guy. And so on... However... CO and BULA decided to stay together - and entered the stage!!! Always mad!!! Always trashed!!! Always pumping up the volume!!! You want to love these bastards...


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