15.11.2008, 20:00 @ UT CONNEWITZ

The folk project of Berlin based Australian born Jasmine Guffond lifts off from very harmonious, nevertheless disturbingly dark soundfields, never denying but richly extending her roots as member of the psychedelic ambient drone duo minit.

'Jasmina Maschina melds the most simple and innocent chord progressions of time-honoured folk music with a noisenik’s attraction to repetition, drone and inventiveness to create the sensation of paresthesia on the skin and mind. 'The Demolition Series' sounds like an effortless album. Soaring beauty, short rides to nowhere, characters met in the dark, are all in the experience of the artist. Purely, it is a clear view through steely eyes with a touch of innocent mysticism.'

'Really and truly there are no low points or filler tracks here, the songs, changing pace and instrumental colouring through out are always consistent in songwriting flare, harmonic homing and rich/ accomplished and soothing playing. I can see this appealing to anyone and everyone and not just folk fans as the Demolition Series is a collection of great tuneful, well written and conceived tracks, performed with great passion, feeling and depth. One of the high points of this year and surly the debut album of the year' - Roger Batty, Musique Machine



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