Born in 1978. Released 3 albums on mik.musik as 8rolek. His debut Ptak Mechaniczny ('Mechanical Bird') was acclaimed as the best polish electronic debut, one of the records of 2001, a sparkling spring on the provincial desert etc etc.

The music consists of subtle shifts of synchronic and asynchronic rhythm layers, of small irregular loop segments, noisy reverbs and a non-direct stereophonic play.
The second album 9gratis came out in 2002 and came up with a new, more focused, more consequent and communicative approach.
The Third CD Umpomat, released in january 2005, is giving us the crossing point on the road between an informatic approach, programme-programmistic and the path of pure humanism. Or, even we can say - its traces are clearly humanitarian.

The latest record Murlull Movies released by Warsztat8r, is the first record that Bartek signs with his born name. This is certainly the most serious, courageous and mature record in his discography. But still, you don't need anything beyond a little bit of openness and sensitivity to enjoy it.

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