:::::Asia plays a special probably acoustic guitar prologue on 13.12.2008 for THE COMPLAINER & THE COMPLAINERS of which she is also a member....::::

in polish language - ASI means "of ASIA, ASIA'S", ASIA is popular girls name.
MINA means "look(on sb's face)/air/countenance" but also mine'/bomb.

Who makes it? Who looks and who bombs?
Who is responsible for this unusual connection?

Asia Bronisławska!

Some years ago she started her adventure with Mołr Drammaz under her maiden name Kucharczyk.
Later she took part in Go Underground To See More Animals too.
There are two cases, let's say profi things, interesting for Asia:
1. work with children and youngsters. Getting knowledge and possibilities of and from and with them, especially in terms of musical composition and poetry. And for Asia'a joy this could be endless. TOJETAKECOTAKETO.
2. singing. Looking for melodies and stories wortwhile to sing out, to shout out, to scream out, to vent out, to whisp out, to cough out.

ASI MINA's brave and awesome debut solo album "HAVE ALL! BUT WHERE?" was released in april 2006.

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