author and producer of electroacoustic music, combinig electronically prepared sounds with acoustic instruments. "My music is an ambitious plan: I want to create my own, personal and recognizable musical language, in which electronic manipulation of  recorded sound is going to enrich traditional acoustic instruments. The motivation of these experiments is discovering the hidden and universal beauty.
Jacaszek Started his music adventure from  ilustrating a poetry. In 1998 he released a CDR with Waldemar Ślefarski poems "Wiersze zmieszane"

In 2001 he recorded album with songs of Miłka Malzahn , "MAPA". It was used to call a "trip hop singing poetry ". The album was released at 2003 (OFFMUSIC  Rec)
In 2003 a "LEM konzept" project came to daylight. It has a form of broadcast play, but performed live with an actror reading texts , and Jacaszek playng music
In 2004 Jacaszek released  "Lo-Fi Stories " (GUSSTAFF REC.)He presented the album as live performance all over Poland.
In 2005 a second album with Milka Malzahn was released. (GUSSTAFF Rec). "SEQUEL" is a continuation of joining together modern electronic music and "singing poetry".
2006  "Kompleta" project with Stefan Wesolowski2008 - "Treny" album (Miasmah Rec)
2009 - "Pentral"  album (CD+DVD with 5.1 DolbySurround mix) Gusstaff rec)

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