PANIPANAMA was an independent art space in Leipzig and a series of cutting edge performances, concerts, exhibitions, meetings, actions, open studios, presentations and such. It was also a platform for the promotion of Polish independent culture. PANIPANAMA was run by artist Kata Adamek and cultural geographer Bernd Adamek-Schyma

After our former projects Kolekcja Polska (2005) and parismoskau (2006-2007) since September 2008 we had been inviting some of the most profilic as well as yet unknown artists, musicians and performers from Poland. Additionally we promoted Polish music organizing panels at independent music fairs, participating in radio shows and magazines.    

in April 2010 The mainstream art magazine "ART" selected PANIPANAMA as the "Off-Space of the Week" and claimed us to be "Training Ground for Subculture"... Well... thanks, but what exactly is "Subculture"?




Places where we presented concerts or events:

Kunstraum PANIPANAMA, Kuhturmstr. 2, 04177 Leipzig 
UT CONNEWITZ, Wolfgang-Heinze-Str. 12a, 04277 Leipzig 
POLNISCHES INSTITUT, Markt 10, 04109 Leipzig 
ORTLOFF, Jahnallee 73, 04177 Leipzig 
D21, Demmeringstr. 21, 04177 Leipzig
LIEBFRAUENKIRCHE, Karl-Heine-Str. 112, 04229 Leipzig
Werk IV / obart, 02681 Kirschau
Weezie/Neubau Cafe of the Gallery of contemporary Arts, Karl-Tauchnitz-Str. 11, 04107 Leipzig
(Pop Up meeting of the independent music scene and business, Leipzig

PANIPANAMA is a founding member of "lindenow", the network of independent art spaces in Leipzig Lindenau



Coming from "(Kolekcja) Polska" and "parismoskau" we like the simple geographic-analogic qualities of PANIPANAMA: as a reminder of Panama, of course, first as a natural land bridge for all the great mix-max and move of peoples and goods, of animals, lamas, jaguars, sloths, snow owls, skunks, and all other kinds of other beautiful creatures moving from south to north and north to south. Then of course artifice, the modern artificial techno canal, deep cutting the land, connecting east-west waters, oceans, people, enabling faster communication giving the illusion of having left behind limiting grounds or nations. 

We would like to open the gates to a new canal for art and music, with PANIPANAMA we wanted to lift off from and touch down at all kinds of grounds, to invite to swim and play in warm, sweet, salty, calm, stormy waters, to move on, southeastnorthwest. And of course we like the idea of taking the word apart and having all wonderful kinds of meaning in Polish: from PAN I PANAMA to PAN I PANA MA. Yours faithfully, PANI PANAMA and PAN IPANAMA.


PANIPANAMA is from time to time financed by:

Polish Institute Berlin - Buraeu Leipzig

PANIPANAMA web presence was created by the complainer & warsztat8r